Cowboy Lasso Design

A cowboy lasso is also called reata, riata or even lariat at diverse places. A cowboy lasso is actually a loop of the rope that is prepared with such a technique that it can be thrown and pulled for trapping a target. For any cowboy, it is a pretty important gear. However, a cowboy lasso is recognized by several other names, yet actual cowboys do not employ these expressions and they just name it as a ‘rope’. Whilst a person utilizes any other word for describing the rope, then he is identified as an inexperienced person. A lariat is prepared with a rigid rope in order to keep the noose open, when a person throws a lasso. This also enables a cowboy to open the noose up easily from the horseback, for releasing the cattle, as it is sufficiently hard to be pushed.

A high quality cowboy lasso is a bit heavier as this can result into better handling. In earlier times, the most familiar stuff that was used for constructing a cowboy lasso was rawhide. However, in the current time, ropes made with rawhide have been replaced with nylon ropes, yet these were of pretty higher quality. For preparing a rope with rawhide, proper process has to be followed and all the requisite supplies have to be gathered.

The very first thing that has to be done for making a cowboy lasso with rawhide is cutting the hide in skinny strips. If you keep the strips longer, then it will help in enhancing the durability of the lasso. The rawhide is generally half-tanned and the hair is not removed completely. The strips should be soaked in water for a while, and then they should be stretched above a block. The ends should be tied tightly so that these ends do not fold back and retain the stretched form. When the strips are completely dried after a period of few days, then these are braided in the form of a rope. At the time of braiding the cowboy lasso, the strips are pulled as tightly as they can be.

One after another, the strips are added into this braid until the cowboy lasso reaches up to 40 or 50 feet. Then the rope is buried for at least two weeks until that rope is made softer.  Again, the rope has to be stretched and something heavy should be used for pushing it down. This type of cowboy lasso might not be feasible for a young cowboy. For the beginners rope made of nylon, with a small ring is suitable.

You might have heard stories about a cowboy lasso made of buffalo hide, horse hide or hair. It is accurate, that these, materials were most common raw materials used for making a cowboy lasso, if you look back at the history. The lassos that you see in a majority of bull riding competitions and rodeos are made of hemp rope. These are normally 7/16th inch in thickness and are 35 feet to 45 feet long. These are also very heavy lasso ropes and are very sturdy as compared to other classes of ropes. Most of the professionals use this type of cowboy lasso. One can craft a same lasso for a beginner cowboy from a Manilla rope with dimensions of 3/8 inch and 35 feet. These are comparatively lighter and are also easy to handle for the amateurs.

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