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A lasso rope is also known ‘Riata’. Another name for this kind of rope is ‘Reata’, which is a word of Spanish origin. A lasso rope is in fact a loop of a rope, which is designed in such a way that can be thrown at some target and then when someone draws the rope it tighten up. A lasso rope is a strong and lightweight rope that is generally available with smooth, hard finishing and it is made with superior quality nylon. One more material that is utilized in making a lasso rope is hemp. The primary use of this sort of rope is to catch large animals like horses and cattle. These are obtainable in several different types. This rope is a distinguished tool used by cowboys. This is an imperative tool for cowboys, especially when they go on a hunt for cows or horses.

The word lasso is also utilized as a verb as well. As a verb ‘To Lasso’ stands for launching a loop of the rope successfully surrounding something. The lasso rope is called by different names. The cowboys normally call it simply a ‘rope’. Rawhide and horsehair lassos are two categories that were commonly used in Western countries. However, with the introduction of ropes made of nylon and hemp, the use of the former types almost came to an end. This is because a lasso rope made of nylon or hemp is considered to be a more proficient roping tool. The normal length of this kind of rope is between 35 feet to 50 feet that means 11 to 15 meters.

On one end of a lasso rope, there is a metal ring or a running knot with which a noose or a loop is made. When a cowboy use a lasso rope or any one else does, he throws this rope from a distance of about 30 feet or 9 meters. It catches either the feet or the horns of the animal, and then it is drawn tight. When someone throws the lasso, it is quite hard, so that it can be pushed a bit. When the rope is around the horns, a cowboy can make use of his horse similar to a tow truck along with a pulley. Using this kind of rope, calls for a lot of skills.

A good lasso rope is usually weighted, as it provides improved handling. The small loop on one of the ends of the rope is also called ‘Hondo’ or ‘Honda’. Through this loop the string passes for forming another loop. The ‘Hondo’ might be made of an additional node loop, or a seizure, a splice, metal ring, or leather. Apart from the normal length of the rope, some lasso ropes are prepared with rawhide and braided in lengths that range from 50 to 100 ft.

A lasso rope is mostly used in the present time in competitions like team roping or calf roping. Another place where such rope is still used is in ranches, for capturing animals or cattle when needed.  In some countries shows are organized, where people exhibit tricks with a lasso rope. These tricks are related to spinning the ropes in different styles. This kind of rope has been a part of culture for many countries, from a very long time. Now, lasso is an element of the tools of the cattle herders.

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